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Research & Investigation

Location Services

Relatives, Friends, Associates, Legal Process, Collection Efforts, Child Support

Background Checks

Criminal, Social, Assets, Driving History, Address, Contact, Employment, Tenancy

Notice: ViaFact may act as a consumer reporting agency.


Contact Information, E-mail, Telephone Numbers, Website Ownership, Address Information, Catfish Investigations


Social Security Number

One-Time & Monthly Monitoring.  We offer free investigative services with the Platinum package.  Click for details!

About ViaFact

ViaFact is a licensed and insured private investigator and security guard provider in the State of Ohio. We're looking to assist with your research needs and operate under a qualified owner with a master's degree in crime analysis, and years of experience working a broad range of investigations.

Licensed & Insured

ViaFact carries proper insurance, and is licensed with the Ohio Private Investigator & Security Guard Commission, license #20172100220948.  Always make sure your private investigator is licensed and insured.


Custom Pricing

We understand the importance of knowledge, and we know that private investigation can be expensive.  Please inquire of our custom pricing policy, and ask about any current discounted offers.

Privacy Matters

All communication and case work remains confidential between you and our licensed investigators.



ViaFact remains GLBA, DPPA, and FCRA compliant.  Our agency ensures that all local, state, and federal laws are considered when conducting our investigations.

General Investigations

Don't see it listed? Ask us anyway!

  • Online Investigations

    Find the truth about the person harassing you online, who you’re really talking with, or who you plan to meet from the internet.

  • Item Recovery

    Did you leave an item in a ride-share vehicle, or does someone have something you own?  Ask how we can help.

  • Arrest & Booking Watch

    We’ll monitor your subject and notify you if they’ve been arrested or booked into custody.  Discounted rates for multiple individuals.  Preferred service of halfway houses and surety bond agents.

  • Identity Theft Investigation

    Has your identify been compromised? Ask how we can help.

  • Fraud Monitoring

    One-time or monthly social security number health-checks to help make sure you’re the only one using your number.

  • Security Services

    We offer limited security-services at this time.  Please reach out with your security needs, and check back for more services to come.

Free Digital Case Access

Whether you’re on a PC, phone, or tablet, check your case progress any time with your personal digital file.  Once your case has been submitted, we’ll send you a username and password with a link for easy access.