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ViaFact is a licensed and insured private investigator provider looking to assist with your research needs.  We’re independently owned and operated in Cincinnati,  OH.  With a Master’s degree in Crime Analysis from the University of Cincinnati, our owner has a background in corrections and years of extensive experience working with diverse investigations.

We understand the importance of knowledge and will help to locate your loved ones, connect with old friends, and will assist with several investigative services at an affordable rate.  Please inquire about discounted pricing.

Serving the general public, we also urge healthcare and community agencies to reach out and let ViaFact help with patient and resident needs such as locating next of kin and collecting information for resident and patient services.

CRA Notice: ViaFact may act as a Consumer Reporting Agency

Security Services: ViaFact offers limited security services.  Please contact us with inquiries.  ViaFact is a licensed Class “A” provider, allowing for both Private Investigative and Security Services.

  • Suspicion of cheating or infidelity
  • Asset search
  • Locate relatives
  • Identify probability of compromised personal identity
  • Background checks (criminal and social) – may require FCRA-compliance
  • Self-background checks; see what your potential employer might find
  • Ride-share item recovery (items left in Uber, Lyft, etc.)
  • Who’s calling me? Ask us – we can help find out
  • Touch base with old acquaintances
  • Driving history verification
  • Catfish Concerns
  • General Investigations

Sensitive information is subject to permissible purposes only.  Please inquire with questions.

ViaFact is considerate of your privacy.  In fact, licensed private investigators are obligated to ensure that results and investigatory activities remain confidential.  If you are requesting a service which falls under the guidance of HIPAA regulations, we will provide you with a Release of Information to help with the process of locating family and disclosure of information.

ViaFact is GLBA, DPPA, and FCRA compliant.

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