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Research & Investigation

ViaFact is a licensed and insured "Class A" Private Investigator and Security Guard Provider, license #2017210022094 with the Ohio Department of Public Safety. We look to assist with your research needs and operate under a qualified owner with a master's degree in crime analysis. Aaron Schiff has years of experience working with a broad range of investigations and looks forward to helping you with your case.

You can also call 513-609-2222; please leave a message if we don’t answer.  Only a registered private investigator has access to voicemails.

Location Services
  • Relatives
  • Friends
  • Associates
  • Legal Process
  • Collection Efforts
  • Child Support
Background Checks
  • Criminal
  • Social
  • Assets
  • Driving History
  • Address
  • Contact
  • Tenancy
  • Note: Due to applicable laws and available data, our agency does not generally offer employment, financial, or educational history.

Notice: ViaFact may act as a consumer reporting agency.

  • Contact Information
  • E-mail
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Website Ownership
  • Address Information
  • Catfish Investigations
General Investigations
  • Online Investigations
  • Item Recovery
  • Arrest & Booking Watch
  • Social Security Number Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Investigations
  • Security Services

Custom Pricing: ViaFact chooses from several methods for case resolution.  We’ll work closely with our clients to recommend the most feasible and cost-effective method to find what you’re looking for.  Specific prices aren’t listed, as each case is unique.  We’ll work diligently to match you with an appropriate service and fee. Generally, fees begin at $99 depending on service provided.

How Does ViaFact Solve My Case?

  • Private Databases

    ViaFact has access to databases not available to the general public. GLBA, DPPA, FCRA, and other laws will apply.

  • Experience

    Our owner and chief investigator has experience that exceeds the State’s minimum requirements for licensure.

  • Resources

    ViaFact uses various resources to solve your case; court documents, attorneys, consultants, and more.

  • Evidence Collection

    ViaFact will find evidence that others can’t. From data collected through phone interviews to field investigations, we’ll work closely with you through the process to ensure your satisfaction.

Free Digital Access

Whether you’re on a PC, phone, or tablet, check your case progress any time with your personal digital file.  Once your case has been submitted, we’ll send you a username and password with a link for easy access.