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Research & Investigation

ViaFact is a licensed and insured private investigator provider looking to assist with your research needs.  We’re independently owned and operated in Cincinnati, OH, though we are happy to serve the entire State.

With a master’s degree in crime analysis from the University of Cincinnati, our owner has extensive experience working in corrections and diverse investigations.


We understand the importance of knowledge and will help to locate your loved ones, connect with old friends, and will assist with several investigative services at an affordable rate. Please inquire about discounted pricing.


ViaFact is considerate of your privacy.  Licensed private investigators are obligated to ensure that results and investigatory activities remain confidential.

Licensed & Compliant

ViaFact is insured, and licensed with the Private Investigator Security Guard Services division of the Ohio Department of Public Safety as a Class A provider, license #20172100220948. ViaFact is GLBA, DPPA, and FCRA compliant.

Investigative Services

Background Checks

  • Criminal
  • Social
  • Assets
  • Driving history

Location Services

  • Relatives
  • Old friends
  • Legal process
  • Collections
  • Child Support

General Services

  • Catfish investigations
  • Phone number identification
  • E-mail identification
  • Address information
  • Website ownership

WatchDog Service

Receive arrest and booking notifications; ViaFact will monitor your subject and notify you if they’ve been arrested or booked into custody.  Discounted rates apply for multiple individuals; this is a preferred service of halfway houses, treatment facilities, and surety bond agents.





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Speak with a licensed private investigator today.  Please leave a message if needed; all voicemail remains confidential and will be returned.  If you’re hesitant to receive a call back, please use the contact form below or e-mail Contact@ViaFact.net.